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About us

Our story

The Euro arrived in France and many countries of the European Union in the early 2000s. Over time, and up to the present day, numerous countries have adopted this currency. Depending on the country, each coin has a different design on one side. As a result, today there are over a thousand different coins.

Some coins are commemorative, produced for a specific year by each country and in a limited quantity. Others belong to regular series that are issued every year. Another category consists of coins with errors, known as flawed coins. All these euro coins are highly valued by collectors.

At Euro-Expert, we have brought together specialists in each category. As passionate numismatists, we have been collecting euro coins since their introduction in the early 2000s. Therefore, we are well aware of the differences and peculiarities of each of them.

A multitude of euro coins

There are over 500 commemorative coins with a value ranging from €2 to €5000. Maximize your sale by selling your coin at the appropriate price.


We analyze your coin and provide you with a value in approximately 48 hours.


We scrutinize every detail of your coin to provide an accurate estimation.


Over 20 years of experience acquired in Euro coins.