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2€ estimations

User Instruction Manual

To estimate the value of your €2 coin, follow the steps below in the provided blocks:

  1. Add photos of your coin (obverse, reverse, and if necessary, the edge). The photos should be of sufficient quality for analysis.
  2. In the “Coin Information” section, provide us with all possible information about your coin (condition, marks, errors, etc.).
  3. Fill in your personal information and proceed to pay the estimation fee of €3.99. Click the “Order” button.
  4. After analyzing your coin, we will send you an accurate estimation of its value along with detailed information about it.

Expert-Euro does not purchase your coins! This is to avoid any conflict of interest regarding the estimation value. Furthermore, we believe that there are more suitable platforms for selling coins, such as reliable auction sites like eBay or Le Bon Coin.